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Today's children are our future!

Today’s children will be tomorrows business owners, company directors, lawyers, doctors, scientists but they did not have a say in the referendum but will have to live with the outcome.
The decisions being made by our government over the coming years will shape and change how we live and communicate with our European and worldwide neighbours, we need to keep up with the changes to ensure our businesses stay at the top of their game, remain competitive and ultimately survive.  
There is no doubt that BREXIT will affect business but to what extent depends largely on the outcome from the negotiations with the EU. Parliament will also have to pass new legislation having reviewed all EU laws and replacing some of them. These currently unknown factors will determine how BREXIT will affect business in terms of trade and legislation.  ​​

There will be changes to hundreds of policies that we live our lives by and upto 100 trade agreements, changes to existing HMRC regulations with customs and taxation and loss of EU funding to many industries. We could struggle with increased costs to import and export, feel the loss and impact of skilled and semi-skilled workers and be impacted by travelling outside of the UK.

​The level of impact from BREXIT will vary significantly dependent on your businesses industry sector and specific trade within it.

Simply, what we need is fact and not speculation, certainty for the economy and currency, and decisions.

So what does it all mean?

How long will it take before the dust settles?

2, 5 or 10 years +

It depends who you listen to.
How BIG or small is the impact of leaving the EU?

It depends on who you listen to
  The fall in the pound!

= Higher inflation

Information is Crucial

January 24, 2014

  Information is vital, we continually need information to 
ensure we meet our legal, cultural and ethical obligations as individuals and business owners.
Without information we would struggle to operate and
meet our obligations.
We must make sure that we stay current, whether we see
BREXIT as an opportunity or disaster, whether we are active or nonchalant, whatever our stance we need to be informed.

Our BREXIT HUB Offering

We gather and understand the facts and information in the following industry specific areas:

  • Legislation
  • Compliance
  • Policy
  • Regulation
  • The economy and impact to costs
  • Trade Terms, Importing and Exporting
  • Foreign workers’ rights
  • ​and everything else!
Our BREXIT HUB offering includes:

General BREXIT E-Newsletter                     £10 per month          
Industry specific BREXIT E-Newsletter      £40 per month
BREXIT related webinars                             £Price per online seminar  -  Date TBC

Individual BREXIT business meeting/seminar             Please enquire for cost
BREXIT specific business impact assessment              Please enquire for cost
BREXIT specific business change                                   Please enquire for cost

Why are we BREXIT fact finding for you?

We are passionate in enabling businesses to maximise their potential, and with the UK's vote to leave the European Union putting businesses at risk we have stepped up to minimise and help to remove the risk to business wherever possible.

We have created the Weenie BREXIT Hub to enable businesses to get the unbiased factual information they need as it evolves over the years ahead which will help them to manage any changes to their business.

​We are connected with key BREXIT sources, including industry experts and trade specialists to ensure we stay up to date with all the news and changes as they come out, we will also track the effect on the UK economy to allow us to be the central BREXIT HUB for business.

What are we doing next?

We are currently setting up a BREXIT Opportunities Centre

The BREXIT opportunties Centre will enable entrepreneurs and existing businesses to explore and take up opportunities that arise from our leaving the EU, they will be broad ranging and there will be many.

What's the plan?
It's simple, we will identify and catalogue the opportunities, share them with opportunists and connect them to funding partners if required.

Watch this space for more news on our BREXIT Opportunties Centre
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